This short book, written after the influx of a fair number of Constitutionalists into Congress in the 2010 elections, defines certain congressional actions which can now be undertaken to help increase the numbers of those Constitutionalists via the next upcoming elections.  When workable majorities are attained in both houses, then the many REAL issues facing the country may be addressed.  This book organizes these issues and presents them as the author's best shot at actually putting our country back on the road toward middle class freedom and prosperity.  There are 14 issues organized into four categories as follows:

Honesty Issues:  In this category are: (1)  developing  a system of news generation and communication between members of Congress and the public, independent of the media paths owned and operated by the oligarchs who are trying their best to keep us in the dark; (2) increasing the influence of middle class America, and decreasing that of today's oligarchs, in the selection and election of our congressional representatives, by means of reforming election finance, abolishing the Electoral College and party conventions for picking presidential candidates, and enforcing honesty in voter registration and vote counting; and (3) instituting a system of truth testing of political candidates such that more of those who win their electoral contests will be capable of speaking the truth when they take their oaths of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Financial Issues:  In this category are: (4) replacing the Federal Reserve monetary system, presently controlled by our oligarchic enemies, with a constitutional system controlled by the Congress, in which currency will retain its value indefinitely, the national debt will ultimately be paid off, and banks will be required to maintain 100% reserves for their demand deposits, making them impervious to bank runs; (5) replacing the federal income tax with a tax on consumption and abolishing the IRS, thereby keeping federal bureaucrats out of our private affairs, encouraging production rather than consumption, and giving all citizens a universal stake in the operation of our federal government; (6) fixing the federal fiscal system to assure that a fiscal year can rarely end up with a deficit, and that the total tax load on our citizenry will be limited by law to a specified tolerable level; and (7) replacing our subservience to the WTO and the oligarchs' disastrous "free trade" system with a congressionally controlled tariff system adjusted to reducing our foreign balance of trade to zero and maintaining it there, thereby increasing our middle class prosperity by bringing many exported jobs back to the USA.

Non-Financial Domestic Issues:  In this category are: (8) reinstating the Tenth Amendment as it was understood by our founders, relieving the federal government of countless programs which local and state governments are much better positioned to manage, including pension, health, and welfare systems (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, AFDC, etc.), and very much more; (9) vigorously applying the checks and balances written into the Constitution to keep any one branch from becoming tyrannical, as the Executive has well nigh become; (10) destroying the illegal drug trade, which is enriching the oligarchs who control it while ruining the lives of countless of our citizens, and which can be stopped by the simple expedient of providing for legal delivery of cheap drugs to certified addicts from state licensed stores, along with copious advice on how to quit drugs, while at the same time prosecuting establishment banks that are laundering and distributing drug proceeds back to everyone involved in the trade, from poppy farmers to owners of the world's central banks; and (11) strengthening immigration enforcement by building walls as necessary, but also by defining what constitutes a legal temporary entry, issuing appropriate ID cards to such persons, and then enlisting the aid of state agencies to assist in the identification and delivery to the INS of suspect illegal immigrants who cannot show a verifiable entry ID card or other proof of legal resident status.

Foreign Issues:  In this category are: (12) reviewing and acting upon George Washington's Farewell Address advising future administrations to avoid foreign entanglements, upon following which advice we could have avoided our disastrous involvement with no less than nine foreign wars in the last 100 years or so, with yet more on the horizon, all of which are herein enumerated and discussed; (13) removing ourselves from the oligarchy's political, financial, trade, and military organizations which are in their service (UN, World Bank, IMF, NAFTA, WTO, NATO, SEATO, and countless NGO's), and reviving the Bricker Amendment and the Logan Act; and (14) creating a new international organization, not aimed at creating a world dictatorial government, but at enabling the spread of countries having charters to protect and defend the freedom and well-being of the world's middle classes, with the honesty of their deliberations strengthened by its participants having successfully passed personal truth verification tests, as in Issue (3) above.

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