We have created this web site in order to advertise and make known our research into (1) the nature of the problems facing the free people of the United States (and the whole world), and (2) how we can ultimately overcome those problems. Our work has been summarized in a series of five books, which we urge you to acquire and act on. The first three will fill in great gaps in most Americans' knowledge of political history.  If you are already conversant with such matters as the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones Society, the Federal Reserve, the "Drug War", the New World Order, and rampant official lying and other corruption, then you might skip to the fourth and fifth books below to study our action plan for restoring our Constitutional Republic.


LET'S FIX AMERICA! (by Alan B. Jones, 1994). This book outlines how our most urgent national problems can easily be solved, requiring only a Congress willing and able to do what is necessary. We don't presently have such a Congress. Link here to our LFA page.

HOW THE WORLD REALLY WORKS (by Alan B. Jones, 1996). This book relates historical events of the last century which convincingly show that our problems are not mere happenstance, but are part and parcel of a secret war that has been declared against the United States and especially its middle class. Link here to our HTW page.

SECRECY OR FREEDOM? (by Alan B. Jones, 2001). In this book we delve back into history to identify and study our attacker, in order to seek out his weaknesses. We found a major one - a true Achilles heel - which we can readily exploit, and in so doing emasculate our enemy and elect the Congress we need to solve our problems. Link here to our SOF page.

RESTORING POLITICAL HONESTY (by Alan B. Jones, 2006). This short little book details the plan conceived and outlined in SOF. A tiny army of Truth Warriors must be recruited and brought into play, and this book's mission is to help recruit and organize that army. If you would like to participate in this effort as a financial supporter, a voting member, or a candidate for public office, link here to our RPH page.

RESTORING AMERICAN FREEDOM (by Alan B. Jones, 2011). This book, subtitled "A Primer for a Constitutionalist Congress", outlines how the current small caucus of Congressional Constitutionalists can act to help elect more members like themselves, and then what that reinforced Congress must do to stop our rush toward a One World Order, and march instead toward the Constitutionalism envisioned by our founders. Link here to our RAF page.


Link here for information about ordering any or all of these five books. They would make wonderful gifts for high school and college students, or for anyone becoming aware that there is something very wrong about the direction in which our society is headed. By the end of the third book, a conceptual plan will have been outlined for recovering our country, a plan which Americans of all ages should be enthusiastic about supporting.

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