We start off in this little book with a reprise of Secrecy or Freedom?. Then, to concretize our motivation for action, we recount four of the most disastrous of the many world events described in that book which could not have occurred without the help of official lying, namely, the French Revolution, the American Civil War, Pearl Harbor, and the 9/11-Iraq-"Clash of Civilizations" affair.

We then take a side trip through a survey of the main world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and a few others), concentrating on how the followers of each religion are instructed to behave toward each other and toward those outside of their own religions.  We conclude that the great bulk of the peoples of the world will clearly be with us in our effort to bring honesty into our political lives, since the world's moral codes universally include that call for honesty. Those codes in fact contain virtually the same lists of Do's and Don'ts: Do love thy (worldwide) neighbor as thyself by being truthful and honest with him, by honoring his equal rights to justice, and by being charitable and benevolent toward him; and Don't hurt him by lying to him, killing him, stealing from him, deceiving, cheating, or defrauding him, or committing adultery affecting him. With the support of the millions of basically moral non-elites in our country and around the world, we have a good chance of being successful in our effort to restore political honesty, and thereby stand in the way of corruptible men seeking to acquire despotic power.

We then lay out the details of our program.  We will seek out major party candidates for public office, including present incumbents, who desire to take our "truth verification" test regarding, most importantly, their adherence to the U.S. Constitution, to which they must swear allegiance if elected.  The questions to be asked will be standard everywhere, will be posted on the Internet, and will be known in detail by the public. The tests will be conducted prior to primary elections, and the results returned to the tested candidates for their use in their electoral campaigns, as they may desire.  The equipment to be used will be modern Voice Stress Analyzers (VSA), not the older and more invasive polygraph systems still being widely used.  National and State "Truth in Politics" (TIP) organizations are being created to administer these tests, as is a "Certified Examiner Corps," professionally trained in the analysis of VSA recordings. Members of all of these organizations will themselves be subject to the same periodic tests. (See for much more on these organizational details, and how you may participate as a supporter, an active member, or a political candidate.)

The book ends up with a "platform" of legislative goals taken from our prior three books.  Visible legislative results of the TIP program should be seen first in state legislatures, where grass root influence is the most viable, then in the U.S. House of Representatives, then the U.S. Senate, and finally in the White House. Only then can major actions be successfully undertaken to correct the serious political, economic, and social faults plaguing our society.

We urge you to participate. You might then be justified in telling your kids that you are doing something significant to help save our sick old world.

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