Order on-line (fastest way!) from Amazon.com, at their listed prices, by clicking here on: Let's Fix America!, and/or How The World Really Works, and/or Secrecy or Freedom?, and/or Restoring Political Honesty, and/or Restoring American Freedom. Payment may be made by check or credit card. World-wide service. Alternatively, books may be ordered by telephone by calling the American Free Press (see Links Page) at 1-888-699-6397.

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$15 for a single copy of Secrecy or Freedom?
$15 for a single copy of Restoring Political Honesty
$15 for a single copy of Restoring American Freedom
$10 each for two or more of these five books in any combination.
$50 for one each of these five books.

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Case lots are available at further reduced prices for those wishing to undertake larger distributions. Printable versions (created by Microsoft Word) of each of the five books are also available. Please inquire at the address below regarding bulk copies.

See Links Page for a Spanish language version of How The World Really Works.

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