This is Webster Tarpley's web site, on which he displayed 7 papers involving Venice and 9 involving The British. Tarpley's web site is presently being rebuilt, and the material referenced in Secrecy or Freedom? (5 papers on Venice and 4 on The British) has for the moment been deleted. It is at least temporarily available, however, in the present web site.


This site describes the Spanish language version of How The World Really Works, as translated and published in Argentina by Santiago Roque Alonzo. His web site, named Editorial Segunda Independencia, not only reviews HTWRW, but also leads readers to his other anti-establishment publications.


This site is managed from Hawaii by Peter Goodgame.  He has managed to acquire some of the best current event sources that I have found anywhere.  Two current (Oct. 2001) examples are: 1) a report connecting the war against the Taliban with the Taliban's termination of poppy (and heroin) production, and 2) a report detailing the widespread establishmentarian preknowledge of the Sept. 11 attack, as evidenced by options trading, just prior to Sept. 11, anticipating stock price drops of exactly the major airlines and corporate occupants of the World Trade Center that suffered losses in the Sept. 11 action.


This is the website run by former employees of the Washington DC - based Liberty Lobby, which for many years produced the weekly newspaper The Spotlight.  The paper was forced out of business by devious court action, but many of its former employees stayed together to produce the new weekly paper called American Free Press. All of us who depend on the alternative media to try to keep up with the truth about current affairs owe a huge debt of gratitude to these brave and hardy souls.  If you haven't yet subscribed to the AFP, you should do so now, by calling 1-888-699-6397.

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